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Sogetsu Ikebana

Sogetsu Ikebana features the idea that Ikebana may be arranged anytime, anywhere, by any-one, and with any material. We believe that Ikebana should aim for a contemporary effect and should always be refreshing and beautiful.
Sofu Teshigahara

(1900 - 1979)
Iemoto og grundlægger af
Sogetsu skolen i 1926.

The many beautiful flowers and plants which are our raw materials are all the products of mother nature but we use them in the creation of a manmade beauty which is not found in nature. Sogetsu Ikebana is always alive. There are some rules, but no arbitrary dogmas, and those rules are always flexible.

The Sogetsu School aims to be alive, using plants and flowers to express vividly experiences of the present age.

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