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Birgitte Hinnerskov


    - Trained teacher in Denmark

    - Taught in Denmark and Japan

    - Lived in Japan for 8 years

    - Graduated from the Sogetsu School of Ikebana in Tokyo

    - Achieved "Teacher's Diploma 1st Grade Jonin

    - Great knowledge of Japanese culture and traditions

    - Founder of Sogetsu Ikebana School in Copenhagen

    - Founder and chairman of Sogetsu Copenhagen Study Group

    I can offer:

    - Ikebana lessons in small private groups

    - High-level graduation of Ikebana teachers

    - Ikebana workshops

    - Lectures and demonstrations of Ikebana and Japanese culture

    - Workshop-days at schools incl.: Ikebana, kimono, dolls, girls day, boys day and       origami

    - Ikebana classes - by an appointment

    - Literature and Ikebana items for sale at moderate prices

    - Workshops in origami

    - Origami greeting card sals


Ikebana.dk. Galionsvej 48. 1437 København. Tlf.:35 26 56 16